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1. Please be sure to read the details of the Art Stables policy for refunds in the event of the cancellation of a course by the Art Stables or the withdrawal from a course by a student before you enrol and pay for your course. Your enrolment on a course will be taken to show that you accept the conditions of this refund policy.

2. If the Art Stables cancels a course it will offer all students the alternative of a full refund or transfer to another course. Should the student opt for a refund, they will need to contact the Art Stables with their debit or credit card details so that we can refund the amount directly to their account. There will be no charge for this service.

3. The following rules apply should a student wish to withdraw from a course:

  • Requests for withdrawals and refunds must be received in writing, preferably by email to the Art Stables email address below.

  • If you withdraw from the course more than 7 days in advance of the course starting you will receive a refund, minus 10% of the full course fee for administration costs.

  • If you withdraw from your course less than 7 days in advance of the course starting or once the course has started you will not be eligible for a refund of any kind, unless this is due to a course being proved to have been mis-sold by us or to service failure.

4. You can transfer from one course to another (in the same term) before the course has started or after the first teaching session. You may do so without charge, subject to availability, by arranging this with the administrator. The transfer is available once per term only. We are unable to offer transfers after week 2.  You will need to pay the difference for any additional cost of the course.

5. Should you request a refund based on a complaint about the quality of service provided by the Art Stab;es, your complaint will be dealt with from the time that your complaint is received by our administrator. Your complaint must be received in writing, preferably by email to the Art Stables email address The date of receipt of your claim will be the date from which your complaint is considered to have started. If we substantiate your claim, you will receive a proportional refund of the fees paid. If we do not substantiate your claim, you will not be entitled to a refund.

6. We regret that we are unable to offer refunds under any other circumstances i.e. absence due to medical conditions, changes to work commitments, bereavements or other reasons for not being able to attend the course as a part or a whole. In addition, it is not possible to make up missed classes and get a refund or a credit for them.

7.Please note that all places are allocated on a first come first served basis. So please apply early to avoid disappointment. Fees are payable in advance in full to secure a place and are non-refundable.


8. The Art Stables reserves the right to deny booking any student or to remove any student immediately from a course. In the instance that a student is removed from a course a refund for remaining sessions will be issued.


9. Unless otherwise stated, classes are suitable for all levels.


10. The Art Stables does not accept liability for loss or damage to materials or artwork left at The Art Stables. All work must be collected by the end of any term as we clear the space during the breaks.


11. The Art Stables cannot accept responsibility for any accident or mishap subject to anything in the general law to the contrary.


12. Course prices are correct at the time of publication.


13. The Art Stables reserves the right to cancel, combine or reschedule courses or substitute tutors as necessary.


14. Please inform the administrator and/or tutor if you have a medical condition that we need to be aware of.

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