Hatha Yoga

HATHA YOGA with Lizzie Sturm

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If you have a body and can breathe, you can do yoga …. at any age!


Yoga teaches you how to listen to your body, to quieten the mind and to meet the challenges of modern life with more resilience and evenness. 


Allow yourself 60 minutes to be guided with breath work, posture and relaxation and welcome your evening with mental and physical clarity. Lizzie’s yoga combines slow, deep sustained poses with flow sequences.


Her class is suitable for all levels and ages - whether you’re a beginner or experienced practitioner. Regular attendance is a great way to stay fit, maintain joint flexibility, improve posture and build mental focus and physical steadiness and find an alternative strategy and response to the demands and stresses of modern day life.

Kerrie's YOGA classes resume this Thursd

Yoga Journey continues ...... DATES TO BE CONFIRMED


Yoga Journey is a 75 minute Yoga class that takes Yogis on a deeper journey, beyond just the Asanas (postures).   We delve into Yogic philosophy, incorporating Asana (postures) with breathwork & guided meditation.    Expect to feel energised, stronger, more flexible and calmer in this intimate, bright & cheery setting.   This class is suitable for all levels & ages and can be adapted and modified to suit. 


£12 per class pay-as-you -go, bookable termly.   Termly booking includes the option to request a video recording of the class, should you be unable to attend.