Kerrie's YOGA classes resume this Thursd

Yoga Journey is back in-studio at The Arts Stables, and continues on Zoom, for those not quite ready to return yet.


Kerrie’s classes take you on a Yoga Journey, designed to strengthen the body, calm the mind and enjoy a greater sense of wellbeing and self awareness. Yoga is a physical and mental workout, and a philosophy to life.  It helps to you to tune into your own breath, feelings and body, practicing self-observation, self-care and kindness to yourselves. It also gives you the workout of your life, developing strength, stamina, balance & flexibility, resulting in more comfort & ease in yourself.       

Lessons learnt on the mat, are taken off the mat into the Yogi’s wider life, and with regular practise and commitment, Yoga becomes a very useful tool for navigating everyday life.  

Kerrie offers the full spectrum of Yoga practice, including:   

  • Mindful movement

  • Postures (asanas)

  • Breathing techniques (pranayama)

  • Mantras (positive affirmations)

  • Guided Meditation 

Classes are bookable monthly @£12 per in-studio lesson, payable in blocks of 4 sessions, or online on Zoom @£10 per class, payable in blocks of 4 sessions.  Drop in Zoom classes are available at £12 per lesson.  Classes start this Thursday 17th June at 9:30am - 10:45am, continuing on a weekly basis.       


To book, please contact Kerrie Josephs directly on or 07828 692 381 and feel free to call with any questions. This class is suitable for all levels & ages and can be adapted and modified to suit. 

Hatha Yoga

HATHA YOGA with Lizzie Sturm,  starting 16/17 JUNE 2021

Wednesday   8.50am  -  9.50am                                              

Thursday         6.00pm  - 7.00pm

Re-establish your foundation

A perfect anecdote to a hectic morning or day. A practice to connect you with energy and breath to bring calm and develop your fitness and flexibility. Sequences to tone, stretch and re-align the body.

If you have a body and can breathe, you can do yoga! Yoga teaches you how to listen to your body, to calm the mind and to get better at life.

Hatha Yoga for all levels and ages whether you’re a beginner or experienced practitioner. Options provided to encourage you to practice at your own pace. In these 60 minute classes, you’ll nourish yourself through breath, postures and relaxation so that whatever you go back to -  be it family, work, or your day, you’ll have something to offer. It’s also a great way to stay fit, maintain joint flexibility, improve posture and build mental focus and physical steadiness

yoga with Lizzie.JPG
Yoga for Teenagers

​Expect to move with the breath in a mindful, strong, alignment based flowing sequence to create space and freedom in the body and mind. Her goal is to inspire her students to maintain a regular practice and experience life from a healthy, happy and peaceful place.